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  • Actor/Director Relationships

    The relationships between actors and directors can vary drastically. Some are friendly and free-flowing. Others are like a tyrant versus the oppressed. Some are like a lengthy marriage, where there are fights but ultimately the two come out of it loving each other. Still, think of directors as being the supervisors and actors being the employees. Both have to work together to get the job done, but it’s more about quality than just completing a project. There are numerous obstacles to overcome throughout the moviemaking project.  One of the greatest stresses for a director is this: money talks, and so does the equipment. A director has to make the best movie possible, maintain the essence of the script, and have good actors who can bring the characters to life the way they are supposed to be, making the vision a reality. All of this is subject to the equipment and the almighty ruler of a film: the budget. The studio wants it to be a hit, they want it now, and they are only going to pay for so much. This added strain can sometimes overshadow what’s important – getting through to the actors, directing them, and making a great […]

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  • Why Organize A Production Company?

    Most corporations, media, and movie businesses depend on creativity and intellectual property to produce revenue because they always must generate a fresh product and reinvent themselves. The corporation solely possesses a record of previous achievements, associates, knowledge, standing, and “heat.” These corporations have a lot of promise, but few important resources, other than people.  This reality makes the challenge to substantially increase the equity investment of operating capital for media groups even more difficult. The ethereal nature of these creative enterprises are hard to appreciate and, thus, hard to sell for a profit, the single biggest criteria an investor has. The potential profitability lies with the people, the internal culture that connects the group together and promises future collaboration. Such corporations are thus extremely reliant on those inventive people, who could simply leave and work somewhere else. Thus, a media venture must understand how to recruit the finest writers and directors, obtain the best out of them, and hold on to them. Reliability and inventive performance are more possible if the person feels “at home” in the corporation, in addition to feeling appreciated and encouraged. A culture that fosters familiarity, comfort, and professional courtesy helps to foster creativity and loyalty.. […]

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  • Identifying Investor Types

    The various laws related to securities not only determine the exemption and registration of securities, but also whom you may approach and the manner in which you do it. In addition, the amount of information that you are required to disclose is established by the investor being accredited or non-credited. A person or institution that possesses a large sum of money, or the officer of a company issuing securities, is designated as being accredited. All other entities are regarded as being non-accredited investors. To be recognized as an accredited individual, singly or with a spouse, net worth at the time of purchase should be in excess of $1 million. Alternatively, an individual who has in the previous two years achieved an income in excess of $200,000 in each of those years could be recognized as accredited. A joint income for each of those two years with a spouse should be more than $300,000, with the reasonable expectation that it will be sustained for the current year. Persons determined to be accredited investors under the laws relating to securities are presumed to have adequate knowledge that enables them to determine the various aspects and factors related to a transaction. Some advice […]

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  • Thoughts And Emotion In Filmmaking

    Why exaggerate something that is somewhat insignificant to you? -Alec Baldwin Constructing a creative reality relies on a thorough visualization process.  To create a world, either as a screenwriter or a director, that resonates with audiences, you must be willing to delve as deeply as possible into the process.  Examining your own ideas, thoughts, prejudices, and relationships helps access the themes that make a fictional world come to life. Constructing the Ethical Screenplay Most top screenplays deal in some fundamental way with ethics. For instance, the film Groundhog Day, which seems superficially to be a madcap starry-eyed farce, actually concerns death; it also tackles knowledge, possibility, and closeness. Its basis is a mystical teaching: so to really transform his life, a man must kill his old ego. The screenplay’s basic premise is that one day in the life of Phil Connors (portrayed by Bill Murray) is repeated over and over again,  and his involvement in that one day’s events has significance for his soul but no results in the world. This causes him to act recklessly, starting with more bold demonstrations of the insolence and self-centeredness he is previously recognized for, advancing to crimes such as robbery, and ultimately leading […]

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  • The Mysterious Magic of Dialogue in Film

    Every movie lover enjoys quoting dialogue from their favorite films, because those lines have been cemented in our memories as snapshots of great moments. While doing script analysis on your project, it is important to approach the material from a specific point of view in order to ensure that your project conveys the same dialogue magic to its viewers. Questions are Key When you analyze your script’s dialogue, you need to ask yourself the questions a viewer will have. The audience needs to remain curious, or else there’s no sense of wonder to keep them watching, so if the answers to your questions are easy and obvious, your script may need a second look. Remember that these viewers are hunting for answers. Once one is found, they’ve moved on to a new problem. Film noir scripts tend to foster the most curiosity, with a lot of surprises coming out in the crisp dialogue. The lines themselves almost have a life of their own. Fuzzy Interpretations Every script should have a few lines that can be interpreted in more than one way. These lines can be mysterious, confusing, or even irritating depending on the context. You want them to capture your […]

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